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ARPA Funds Allocated to the Town of Orleans for Key Improvements in the Meetinghouse Pond Sewer Area Project

Barnstable County has awarded eight grants to seven towns totaling $7,044,185.81 

January 5, 2023 (Barnstable, MA) – The Barnstable County Board of Commissioners and Assembly of Delegates yesterday announced the award and execution of an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding grant from Barnstable County to the Town of Orleans in the amount of $330,503. 

The grant to Orleans for $330,503 will fund the design and construction of key improvements to the Town’s drainage in the Meetinghouse Pond Sewer Area project. The proposed stormwater system improvements to be completed at three locations on Pond Road and Monument Road will be in the area to be sewered around Meetinghouse Pond. The drainage work will be coordinated to take place during the construction of the sewer collection system and prior to the repaving of the roadways. 

Since May 2022, Barnstable County has awarded eight grants to seven towns totaling $7,044,185.81. Mark Forest, Chair of the County Board of Commissioners, and Patrick Princi, Speaker of the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates are pleased to announce this critical funding together today and encourage additional towns to apply for their allocated funding immediately.  

“Thank you to the County Commissioners and Assembly of Delegates for this funding that Orleans will put to immediate use as we finalize the design and get ready to construct this Meetinghouse Pond Sewer Area project – Phase 2 of a multi-phase comprehensive wastewater management plan. This builds on the momentum and strong votes of support at Town Meetings by our citizens as we get ready in the next few weeks to start up our new Wastewater Treatment Plan to serve the Phase 1 Downtown Sewer Service Area project,” said Kevin Galligan, Orleans Select Board Member. 

In addition to the ARPA grant awarded to the town of Orleans today, Barnstable County has already awarded ARPA grants to the following Towns: 

  • Barnstable – $1,965,218.61 for the 720 Main Street Pump Station Replacement 
  • Bourne — $857,391.40 for the purchase of two custom-built Lifeline “Superliner” Class I Emergency Medical Vehicles and $107,115.00 to fund IT Infrastructure and Modernization for the Bourne Public Schools 
  • Falmouth – $1,334,782.00 for Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades 
  • Mashpee — $664,229.94 for a Wastewater Town Project 
  • Sandwich — $849,300.42 for a Clean Water Improvement Project for the Sandwich Public Schools 
  • Yarmouth — $1,042,760.57 for the Town of Yarmouth’s Wastewater Infrastructure design phase  

$10 Million to Provide Critical Resources Directly to 15 Towns 

$10 million in Barnstable County APRA grants was made available to the 15 towns on Cape Cod. Barnstable County has received $41.4 million in ARPA funds from the US Treasury.  To date, the Barnstable County Board of Commissioners has allocated over $40 Million in ARPA funding.  The U.S. Treasury requires that ARPA funds be obligated by 12/31/24 and expended by 12/31/26. Additional information on Barnstable County’s ARPA program can be found here. 

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