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Local Holiday Recipe: Oysters Jalapeño


Prep 20 min.Cook 7 min.Servings 2-4

Les Hemmila of Barnstable Sea Farms shared this recipe that was inspired by a family trip to Mexico. It’s a favorite with friends and family! Get into the seasonal spirit by using different beers, and add a small piece of red pepper in the center of the oyster, to offset the green jalapeño, to make it a Holiday treat. Be sure to remove the seeds from the jalapeño unless you like it pretty hot! This serves 4 for an appetizer, or 2 for a meal.

1 bottle local OctoberFest or beer of your choice.
2 dozen oysters.
6 fresh jalapeño peppers, seeds removed  (if you don’t want too much heat) sliced thin.
1/4 lb. Monterey Jack Cheese, grated.
1-1/2 cups cornbread crumbs or plain breadcrumbs.
Pint of sour cream.


  1. Shuck oysters, drain juices, and leave in bottom shell. Place on baking sheet, shell side down.
  2. On each oyster sprinkle 1 tbsp. breadcrumbs and add 1 tbsp. beer.
  3. Top each oyster with grated Monterey Jack cheese and thin slice of jalapeño (put pepper on top incase guests want to pick them off).
  4. Put baking sheet of oysters in the oven and broil for about 7 minutes or until cheese starts to turn golden brown.
  5. Remove from oven and place on a platter. Add a dollop of sour cream to each oyster before serving. 

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