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Dredging is underway at Parkers River Entrance Channel

General location of the project.

At great deal of progress has been made this week by the Cod Fish II. Windy conditions made the work challenging at times, but we were able to get out every day with the exception of Wednesday that prohibited dredging due to the strong southerly winds and seas. We are getting close to completing this project and if mother nature cooperates, we should be done in one or two days.

Cod Fish II at work
The Cod Fish II dredging inside of the breakwater

The material dredged from the channel is being placed into a dewatering basin on Seagull Beach that is placed well above the high tide line. As can be seen in the pictures below, the material is first discharged into the basin and then moved onto the beach. Once the dredging is completed, the sand will then be spread out on the beach by a private contractor to conform with the towns permit.

Excavator moving dredged material from the dewatering basin onto the beach
Dredge Superintendent Jason Bevis operating the excavator removing the dredged material onto the beach