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Cod Fish II Kicks Off 2022 – 2023 Dredge Season

Area of dredging

The County Dredge Cod Fish II started the Parkers River dredging project on Friday, December 2nd. This project was originally scheduled to have started earlier in fall but had been delayed awaiting the approval of the permit required as well as delays due to the winds/seas that have prevented the mobilizing of the gear.

The area to be dredged is outlined below in the Pre-Dredge survey.

Pre-Dredge Plan
Parkers River Entrance Channel – The shaded areas are the primary dredging locations

The estimated volume to be dredged is 3,650 Cubic Yards (CY). It is anticipated that this project will require a minimum of seven days of dredging. All of the material dredged will be used for beach nourishment on Seagull Beach.

The following pictures show some of the mobilizing required prior to the start of dredging.

Dredge and Pipe
Connecting the dredge pipe to the dredge inside of the river
Pipe running out of the channel
The dredge pipe running from the dredge out to the sound and onto the beach
Dewatering basin under construction
The holding basin on Seagull Beach under construction that will be used for dewatering the material being dredged
Dewatering basin under construction
The holding basin nearing completion