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Community Engagement Plan for HOME American Rescue Plan Program Now Available

Barnstable County Human Services, in conjunction with Barrett Planning Group LLC, is pleased to share a Community Engagement Plan for the HOME American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) Program, available on the HOME-ARP project webpage at

This engagement plan outlines the proposed consultation process for the preparation of the Barnstable County HOME Consortium’s HOME-ARP Allocation Plan, which will prescribe the County’s planned uses of its HOME-ARP funds. These funds — $1,556,508 in total for the County — can be used for homelessness assistance and supportive services that primarily benefit qualifying populations as defined in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.  Along with a needs assessment and gap analysis, the public consultation process outlined in this Community Engagement Plan will help determine the allocation of the Consortium’s HOME-ARP funds toward eligible activities. 

This Community Engagement Plan will be updated with information about engagement opportunities and strategies as they become available. Please contact Renie Hamman at Barnstable County Human Services to find out more about this project, how to participate, and engagement opportunities in your area. Email: