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Experimental Solutions to Reduce Nitrogen Pollution on Cape Cod

Article from The Nature Conservancy

June 10, 2022 | The New England way of life depends on our water quality. Everything from our drinking water and food to recreation and the economy depends on healthy, clean water flowing from streams to our coasts and into the ocean. Unfortunately, the impacts of climate change and development are threatening the places we love and rely on. They are in danger of becoming over-polluted by nutrients like nitrogen and other chemicals that run off into rivers and estuaries. These excess nutrients lead to harmful algal blooms and widespread ecosystem destruction which threatens nature and coastal ways of life.

But there is hope. With innovative science, community partnerships, and on-the-ground research, The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts is working to restore our coastal water systems from freshwater to saltwater and everything in-between, for the benefit of us all.

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