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When is Hurricane Season?

May 15, 2012, Ormond Beach, Florida. Photo credit: Jason Weingart.

Hurricanes and tropical storms can occur at any time of year, but most of them occur during the hurricane season which lasts from June 1 to November 30, with mid-August through mid-October being defined as the peak months. The most recent hurricanes have affected Bourne and Cape Cod during the period of late August through early September.

What is the busiest month for hurricanes on Cape Cod?

Between the years 1851 and 2020, only a single major hurricane has made landfall during the month of June, and only three during the month of July. August and September have the most hurricanes, with activity peaking in September before lowering in October and November.

What Are the Hurricane Categories?

NOAA uses the Saffir-Simpson Scale to classify hurricanes into different categories based on their wind speed. They categorize storms with sustained wind speeds between 74 and 95 mph as Category 1. Those storms with speeds between 96 and 110 mph are Category 2. Researchers classify all storms greater than Category 2 as “major hurricanes.” Category 3 storms have wind speeds of 111 to 129 mph, and Category 4 has wind speeds of 130 to 156 mph. Storms with wind speeds greater than 157 mph are classified as Category 5.

Last year, the Atlantic Hurricane season produced 21 named storms. Read more at

Above Normal’ Hurricane Season Predicted For 2022

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be “above normal,” according to Colorado State University’s first forecast prediction.