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Regional ARPA Advisory Committee




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The ARPA Advisory Committee’s mission is to advise the Barnstable County Board of Commissioners and Assembly of Delegates on regional funding priorities and to recommend criteria to identify projects of regional impact for funding.

The ARPA Advisory Committee will carry out its work while considering the following:

I.  Regionalism: The Committee’s frame of reference shall be Barnstable County as a region and, as appropriate, the four sub-regions of the Upper, Middle, Lower, and Outer Cape.

II. Data-Informed and Evidence-Based Recommendations: The Committee’s activities and resulting recommendations shall be driven by the data, analyses, and evidence developed to identify priorities and projects of regional impact.

III. Equity: The Committee shall include in its recommendations criteria for ensuring that regional ARPA funding addresses the needs of vulnerable populations and populations disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IV. Transparency: Meetings of the full Committee will be conducted in accordance with Open Meeting Law.

V. Conflict of Interest: Voting Committee members shall adhere to the applicable provisions of Conflict of Interest Law.