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[February 16, 2022 – 3:30 AM | Strong Winds Anticipated Late Thursday to Friday, Heavy Rain and Higher Temps]

  • Strong southerly/southwesterly winds late Thursday night into Friday morning.  Widespread gusts 50-60 mph south and east of the I-95 corridor.
  • Unseasonably warm temperatures, 50F to 60F, and widespread one inch of rain expected to accompany high winds; rapid melting of snowpack


Timing Late Thursday night into Friday morning. The highest winds will be after midnight Friday.
  • Widespread wind gusts between 40-50 mph across interior southern New England.  Gusts 50-60 south and east of I-95.  Power outages are possible.
  • Widespread 0.5-1 inch of rain
  • Unseasonably warm temperatures accompanied with rain will cause rapid melting of snowpack resulting in nuisance poor drainage and urban flooding.
NWS Alerts High Wind Watches are in effect for SE MA and RI
Forecast Challenges
  • Areal coverage of high winds
  • Temperatures: If temperatures warm a few degrees above forecast, wind gusts could be higher at the surface given very strong winds aloft.
  • Timing: Greatest impacts may be delayed of frontal system stalls/slows
Post-event Outlook
  • Cold frontal passage during the day Friday
  • Seasonable, 30s/40s, and sunny for the weekend
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