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Project Summary: Truro’s Pamet Harbor Dredging Project

Project Summary: Truro’s Pamet Harbor Dredging Project

Mobilizing for this project began on Thursday, Nov. 4th when the Cod Fish II began the transit to the north side leaving Mashpee enroute to Monument Beach, Bourne for the first layover. On Saturday, Nov. 6th the Cod Fish II was brought the rest of the way to Pamet Harbor, Truro for the first of two projects on the north side. Pipe needed to be moved from Sesuit/Dennis which delayed the start of this project due to weather (seas/wind). Finally on December 8th, the pipe was moved to Pamet Harbor and dredging began on the 9th.

This project had several areas within the harbor that needed dredging. As noted in the Pre-Dredge table below, there is the Mooring Basin, Inner Channel and the Approach Channel. Each area has its own volumes that are targeted to be removed.

The Approach and Inner Channel have been done annually with the Mooring Basin being done every other year (survey results dependent).

The Pre-Dredge Survey plan shown below details the areas that are noted above that need to be dredged (the shaded areas). These areas are all small in size / area and in volume of material with most of the material available in the ‘1’ Allowable Overdredge’.


The Mooring Basin was completed within a few days and the dredging continued outbound with several days of bad weather limiting dredging through the end of the month. Finally on December 30th dredging was completed and on the 31st the dredge crew moved the dredge Cod Fish I, the pipe and the pushboat Bradbury onto the next project in Sesuit Harbor in Dennis.

The Post-Survey showed the volumes removed (see below table).

The Post-Dredge Survey (see below) shows all of the main areas being dredged (shaded areas) with additional material available in the mooring basin. This material was mixed sand limiting the depth of depth of and removal of the material from this area.



Interpreting the colored soundings in the Post Dredge Survey:

Summarizing, the Mooring Basin, Inner Channel and Mooring Basin were cleared to their respective minimum depth and no shoal areas were remained. Challenges in this project ranged from the delays in dredging the Approach Channel due to seas and the material in the Mooring Basin.

To follow are some pictures from the project:

Cutterhead on Cod Fish II

                                                      Cutterhead – Cod Fish II

                                                                Cod Fish II

                       Leverman Chris Armstrong maneuvering the skiff into position

                       Moving the pipe onto the next project in Sesuit Harbor, Dennis