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Project Summary: Chatham’s, Mill Creek Dredging Project

Project Summary: Chatham’s Mill Creek Dredging Project

Dredging began on September 17th in Mill Creek with the County Dredge Sand Shifter. This project was needed to clear and maintain the Approach and Inner channel which had severe shoaling alongside the jetty. Dredging was completed on October 9th.

The Pre-Dredge Survey (see below) showed a total of 11,140 Cubic Yards that needed to be removed.


A total of 7,410 Cubic Yards were removed from the dredge prism (see table below) from the target volume of 11,140 Cubic Yards.

The areas close to shore in the ‘Fillet Area’ proved to be challenge as this area was littered with rocks making dredging difficult.

The Post-Dredge Survey (see below) details the dredged areas in the Mill Creek Channel and Fillet Area.



Interpreting the colored soundings…

The ‘soundings’ are specific depths that are taken from the surveys. The coloring of these soundings reflect depth ranges;

The ‘Brown Soundings’ depict depths that are less than 5.0′ MLW (Mean Low Water).

The ‘Green Soundings’ depict depths that are between 5.0′ to 5.9′ MLW (Mean Low Water).

The ‘Blue Soundings’ depict depths that deeper than or equal to 6.0′ MLW (Mean Low Water).

Summarizing, the main channel entering into Mill Creek was cleared  in all areas to a minimum depth of 5.0′ MLW up to the end of the start of the breakwater (line marked A).