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Alert: Residents with Medical Alert Systems experiencing disruption to landline service in Orleans

Medical alert systems connect to the emergency monitoring center through either a landline or cellular phone line. During a storm, these medical alert systems will not work if there is disruption in landline or cell service.


Due to damage from the storm, many residents in Orleans have damage to their service lines or other issues in which they do not currently have land line phones.

MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM CUSTOMERS IN ORLEANS EFFECTED Orleans has the highest per capita population in the state of people over the age of 65. Some residents have medical alarms that transmit to alarm companies via telephone. Many live alone and may not have a backup way to call for help should they fall or have a medical emergency.

HOW YOU CAN HELP Now and during disruption to landline and cell service in general, check on family, friends, and neighbors with medical alert systems.