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The Dredge Report | Week of June 20, 2021

Sand Shifter – Saquatucket Harbor Channel, Harwich

There was no dredging on Monday & Tuesday due to the strong wind & seas out of the Southwest. With the Red River Beach discharge completed (requiring 5,500 feet of pipe), we now had to remove approximately 1,500 feet of pipe as the distance to the discharge locations are now closer to the dredge.

Dredging was restarted on Wednesday and continued through Saturday.

With the upcoming 4th of July holiday looming, we are planning to have this project completed by the end of next week.

As noted previously, there are several private & town beaches requiring sand which is resulting in the interruption of dredging to move the pipe discharge from one location to another along the beach.

Codfish II – Post-Survey Results for Bourne’s, Great & Green Pond, Falmouth

The Post-Dredge Survey’s for Bourne’s, Great  & Green Ponds were completed and the results are listed below.

Bourne’s Pond, the largest of the three ponds in terms of Cubic Yards to remove came close to hitting the target of 4,084 Cubic Yards with 3,605 Cubic Yards being dredged within the dredge template. While Great Pond having the smallest volume needing to be removed with just 265 Cubic Yards had 211 Cubic Yards removed. Lastly, Green Pond, with the Pre-Dredge showing 2,378 Cubic Yards required to be removed with the Post-Dredge survey showing that we removed 1,160 Cubic Yards.

The challenges in hitting the target volumes for these three projects was primarily due to the low amount of material spread over the area in the entrances to the inlets making it difficult for the dredge to properly work in these restricted areas.

Table of Cubic Volumes