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The Dredge Report | Week of June 6, 2021

Sand Shifter – Allen Harbor Channel, Harwich

Allen Harbor - Locus

Dredging continued from Monday through Wednesday with the sand discharge moving to several beach locations along the shore. On Thursday, the team ~600′ of pipe from Aunt Lydia’s Cove and Harding’s Beach to Harwich that will be needed for several upcoming disposal locations requiring longer pipe lengths.

Dredging continued on Friday and Saturday with dredging for Allen Harbor completed late afternoon. The last project for the season will be Saquatucket Harbor which will be started next week.

Below are some pictures of the dredging / discharge operation in Allen Harbor as well as the pipe being towed from Chatham to Harwich. Thanks again to Chatham Harbormaster Stuart Smith for his assistance in towing the pipe.

Sand Shifter in Allen Harbor

Sand Shifter – Along the west side of the Allen Harbor Channel, Harwich

Discharge location in Harwich

One of the sand discharge sites after it was ‘rough graded’

Another discharge site in Harwich

Another completed sand discharge sites after it was ‘rough graded’

Pipe being towed from ALC to Harwich

~ 600′ of pipe being towed from Aunt Lydia’s Cove to Harwich