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The Dredge Report | Week of May 2, 2021

Sand Shifter – Aunt Lydia’s Cove, Chatham









Work continued on the staging for Phase 2 of the Aunt Lydia’s Cove project. On Monday & Tuesday, the crew continued to move pipe to the discharge location along the beach just south of Minister’s Point. Dredging started on Wednesday and continued through Saturday. The Pre-Dredge volume to be dredged was 10,000 Cubic Yards that will be used to replenish the heavily eroded beach to the south of Minister’s Point.


Aerial Image

Aerial overview showing the approximate location of the Sand Shifter and pipe to the discharge location at the base of Linnell Lane

Linnell Lane to Sand Shifter

View from discharge location looking south to Sand Shifter, approximately 1 mile 

Sand piling up

Sand building up after only 2 days of dredging

Dredge material (sand & water) discharging from pipe

Panoramic picture from Linnell Lane

Panoramic picture of discharge location (photo taken by Dredge Foreman Tanner Daily)

Cutterhead being lowered

Cutterhead being lowered to start dredging

Day Shapes

Two black balls one over the other is the day shape that is displayed warning other vessels that there is an

obstruction on this side (such as pipe lines in this case)