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Wendy Northcross Named Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year

Watch the Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year Award 2021 celebration that took place on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at the 1717 Meetinghouse in West Barnstable.  Wendy Northcross of West Barnstable, was recognized this year.




20th annual award recognizes community leadership and ideals of patriotism in Barnstable County

May 5, 2021, Barnstable, MA– Today, the Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners officially endorsed Wendy Northcross, residing in West Barnstable, as the 2021 Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year recipient. The Mercy Otis Warren Woman of the Year Award Committee recommended Ms. Northcross for this Award that recognizes a Cape Cod woman who has made a significant and positive impact in our region.

The Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year Award was established in 2002 to annually recognize a woman who exemplifies the traits of leadership in the community and who has made a significant contribution to the arts, education, business or community involvement, and volunteerism while embracing the ideals of patriotism.

Ms. Northcross, Chief Executive Officer of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, and community activist, received three nominations from Peter Scarafile, Dorothy Savarese, and Elaine Bono.

In his nomination letter, Peter Scarafile stated, “With her strong work ethic and endless hours as a volunteer, she has left her mark on our community. Truly Wendy has made a difference in the lives of the people of Cape Cod, and she is an excellent candidate for the Mercy Otis Warren Cape Cod Woman of the Year Award.”

Nominator Dorothy Savarese wrote that Wendy Northcross has been “a passionate leader on Cape Cod for over 30 years; Wendy embodies each attribute of this esteemed award, including a commitment to volunteerism and community involvement, education, business, and arts and culture.”

Elaine Bono said of Ms. Northcross, “She is a strong advocate for anything Cape Cod. She is not bound by the “politics” of the Chamber of Commerce but by her loyalty and devotion to what is in the best interests of Cape Cod. How refreshing it is for me to see a woman representing Cape Cod and what it stands for!”…” Wendy Northcross personifies Cape Cod, and I enthusiastically nominate her for the Mercy Otis Warren Women of the Year Award 2021.”

Award Committee Member Marcy Burman said, “Perhaps best known for her involvement with the business community as CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Northcross’s impacts on our region are far-reaching. Her achievements include spearheading wastewater planning, helping to establish a Cape-wide transportation plan, and increasing high-speed internet access to our area. She co-founded the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum, a popular tourist attraction in southeastern Massachusetts, and worked tirelessly as a member and President of the Hyannis Rotary Club. Ms. Northcross has also served on the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, the Town of Barnstable Affordable Housing Growth and Development Trust Fund Board, and the Cape Cod Cooperative Bank, and she’s been a liaison to the Barnstable County Regional Substance Abuse Coalition. Also notable is her participation on the Cape Cod COVID-19 Response Task Force (formerly the Cape Cod Reopening Task Force). The list goes on.”

ABOUT THE CELEBRATION:  The Award will be presented to Ms. Northcross by last year’s recipient, Mimi McConnell, on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM (subject to COVID regulations) at Tales of Cape Cod, Olde Colonial Courthouse, 3046 Main Street, Barnstable Village. UPDATE: Award ceremony will take place at the 1717 Meetinghouse, ​2049 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable, Massachusetts 02668. The Award is a bronze statuette sculpted by Marstons Mills artist David Lewis. It is a replica of the statue of Mercy Otis Warren located on the Superior Court House lawn in Barnstable Village. *

The Committee would like to thank their sponsors: Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, Barnstable County, Tales of Cape Cod, Barnstable Village Association, West Barnstable Civic Association, Cape Cod Media Group, and the Cape Cod Writers Guild.

ABOUT MERCY OTIS WARREN: Mercy Otis Warren, born in West Barnstable in 1728, was a playwright, a historian, a pioneer in women’s causes, a champion of liberty, an advocate of the Bill of Rights, and a patriot. In an era when it was unusual for a woman to receive an education, or to emerge as a leader, her advocacy for the cause of patriotism during the Revolution was remarkable.

PAST RECIPIENTS: 2002 Marion R. Vuilleumier | 2003 Jean D. Gardner | 2004 Eugenia Fortes | 2005 Felicia R. Penn | 2006 Bonnie M. Snow | 2007 Lynne M. Poyant | 2008 Josephine P. Ives | 2009 Mary L. LeClair | 2010 Gloria W. Rudman | 2011 Susan A. French | 2012 Judy Walden Scarafile | 2013 Dorothy A. Savarese | 2014 Mary Lou Petitt | 2015 Michelle L. DeSilva | 2016 Ann M. Williams | 2017 Dolores Holden Daluz | 2018 Nancy Viall Shoemaker | 2019 Juliet Bernstein | 2020 Mimi McConnell.  Visit to learn more about the Mercy Otis Woman Cape Cod Woman of the Year awards and to view a full list of all the award winners.