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The Dredge Report | Week of April 25, 2021

Cod Fish II – Popponesset Bay, Mashpee


Dredging continued on Monday even with strong wind and seas slowing down the operation. On Tuesday the dredging was completed for the Popponesset Bay Approach Channel.

The pipe running from the dredge to the discharge location on the beach was removed and brought into the bay on Thursday along with the Cod Fish II where they will await the next project in Falmouth for Bourne’s, Green and Great coastal ponds.

There were ten dredging days for this project, with a Pre-Dredge volume of 9,993 Cubic Yards. The Post-Dredge survey will be completed within a few days and we’ll report on the dredged volume next week.

Sand Shifter – Aunt Lydia’s Cove, Chatham

On Monday, the Sand Shifter completed Phase 1 of the Aunt Lydia’s Cove dredging project. The target volume was 7,000 Cubic Yards. On Tuesday, the discharge pipe was removed from the Chatham Bars Inn beachfront.

On Wednesday, additional sections of pipe were moved from the Hardings Beach area (left over from the Stage Harbor Channel dredging project) to the Aunt Lydia’s Cove area. The discharge location for Phase 2 of this project will be at the beach at the base of Linnell Lane.

Discharge at Chatham Bars Inn

Dredge discharge at the Chatham Bars Inn beachfront 

Sand Shifter dredging in Aunt Lydia's Cove

Sand Shifter dredging in Aunt Lydia’s Cove