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Cape Cod Commission seeks Public Comment on Cape Cod Climate Action Plan

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For Immediate Release (April 26, 2021) — The Cape Cod Commission released the region’s first-ever climate action plan for a 30-day public comment period.

The draft Cape Cod Climate Action Plan was informed by input gathered from a wide range of stakeholders in an extensive and collaborative region-wide engagement and outreach effort, a regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory, an economic and fiscal impact analysis, and a legal and policy analysis.

The result is a comprehensive plan that sets actionable goals for Cape Cod, within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts framework. The Climate Action Plan is intended to foster collaborative, targeted action to address climate change in measurable ways. It details the need for planning and identifies strategies and actions the region can take to mitigate the Cape’s contributions to climate change and adapt to its impacts.

The plan targets the region’s highest emitting sectors, transportation and energy, as identified in the greenhouse gas emissions inventory, and include strategies that apply more broadly to support successful implementation of the plan. Strategies outlined will require action across all sectors and actors, including all levels of government, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and others.

Priority strategies for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions include reducing energy consumption and striving towards net zero energy building; promoting efficient land-use policies and development patterns; generating and increasing the use of safe, reliable, and clean energy; reducing vehicle miles traveled and supporting low and no carbon transportation options; accelerating the electrification of the transportation system; and reducing emissions by increasing and enhancing natural carbon storage.

Priority strategies for adapting to the impacts of climate change include addressing vulnerabilities in public infrastructure and the road network; identifying approaches for managing development in coastal resource areas; and addressing vulnerable buildings and structures through retrofits and relocation.

Measuring progress towards meeting the goals of the Climate Action Plan will require both long-term tracking of regional performance measures and shorter-term tracking of the implementation of specific strategies and actions. Updates to the regional greenhouse gas emission inventory, tracking of regional performance measures, and communication of regional progress will be key in ensuring effective implementation.

The Cape Cod Commission is seeking broad feedback from the public on the draft Climate Action Plan. Comments can be submitted via email to, in writing to Cape Cod Commission, P.O. Box 226, 3225 Main Street, Barnstable MA 02630, or by phone to 508-744-1271. Comments are due by May 24, 2021. A summary of the plan in Portuguese can be found here.  The draft version of the plan can be found here.




ABOUT THE CAPE COD COMMISSION: The Cape Cod Commission is the regional land use, planning, economic development and regulatory agency for Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It was created in 1990 to serve the citizens and 15 towns that comprise Cape Cod.  The Commission works toward maintaining a healthy balance between economic progress and environmental vitality. “Keeping a Special Place Special” describes the agency’s mission to protect the region’s unique qualities.  The 19-member volunteer Cape Cod Commission board represents a wide spectrum of the community and provides oversight for a staff of 40 professionals.  For more information, visit