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The Dredge Report | Week of April 4, 2021

Cod Fish I & Cod Fish II – Popponesset Bay, Mashpee


Dredging continued on Monday but on Tuesday morning the Cod Fish II experienced a mechanical breakdown. The clutch on the main engine ‘seized’ forcing the shutdown of the engine. The dredge was brought into the Cotuit Town dock for repairs. Fortunately, the Sand Shifter was in-between projects and we moved to Mashpee on Wednesday morning to resume dredging on Thursday morning.

A replacement part was on the shelf at the dredge manufacturer (Ellicott Dredge) and was delivered on Thursday morning. On Friday the parts were swapped out and the engine was back up and running by Saturday late afternoon.  As stated often, in the marine environment, and in pace that our equipment is run, breakdowns will occur, but its how quick the repair can be made. In this case, kudos go to Dredge Superintendent Jason Bevis and Maintenance Engineer Rich Randall for the fantastic job they did in making this repair. Bravo Zulu!

On Saturday dredging had to stop as the crew had to move one section of the pipe that crosses over the dune/spit due to the pair of Piping Plovers that are in this zone.

Just 1 1/2 days were lost due to the mechanical breakdown. The total number of days dredged this week were 4 1/2 days, total number for this project is now at 6 1/2 days. Target volume is 9,900 Cubic Yards.

Seal resting

A Harbor seal takes a break on the pipe float

Cod Fish II heading into Cotuit for repairs

The Cod Fish II heads into Cotuit for repairs

New Clutch Assembly

The replacement Clutch Assembly is being lifted onto the Cod Fish II

Broken Clutch Assembly ready for off-loading

Broken Clutch Assembly ready to off-loaded

New Clutch Assembly being placed into position

New Clutch Assembly being put into position with Jason and Rich guiding 

Discharge pipe

Pumping continues and sand piles up at the discharge location 1.25 miles away

from the channel where the Sand Shifter is dredging

Section of pipe being moved

The section of pipe being moved to give the Piping Plovers more room with the Audubon Observer on-site

Sand Shifter – Stage Harbor, Chatham

Much of the week was spent on breaking down the pipe and equipment from the beach face and parking areas.