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The Dredge Report | Week of March 28, 2021

Sand Shifter – Stage Harbor, Chatham

Earlier in the week, the Sand Shifter finished the main part of the dredging and ‘broke’ through the southeastern edge of the channel and mid-day on Wednesday the Sand Shifter completed this most important dredging project.  The rest of the week was spent demobilizing; breaking down and moving the pipe, moving the Booster Station and various other pieces of equipment used throughout this 9 week project. The Sand Shifter was operational for the majority of the period, with minimal mechanical time down aside from breaks for fueling and weather.

Of the 7 weeks from the start (when mobilizing was complete), there were 24.5 day that were actually spent dredging.

A Post-Dredge Survey was completed on Friday and the results, once available will give us the volume dredged which will be shared in another update.

The beneficiaries of this project are many, first and foremost are the taxpayers of Chatham (as well as all other MA taxpayers as partial funding for this project came from the Commonwealth).  The County Dredge programs rates are well below the private sector costs (estimated to be at least 65% less). Next are the commercial fishermen and recreational boaters that will be able to access the harbor with some degree of confidence when entering or departing the harbor via the channel.


Cutterhead raised for the last time

Drone shot of channel shoal

Drone picture showing the last area that needed to be cleared

Aerial photo showing the last shoal area being cleared

Cod Fish I & Cod Fish II – Popponesset Bay, Mashpee

Dredging began on Friday and continued on Saturday.

Discharge of sand and water

Discharging a mix of sand and water from a distance of 6,500′