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The Dredge Report | Week of March 14, 2021

Sand Shifter – Stage Harbor, Chatham

With strong winds continuing over the weekend and into the beginning of the week, work continued on repairing sections of pipe on Monday and Tuesday in the Hardings Beach parking lot. During this time we also changed the discharge location from the Cockle Cove area to an area east of the Harding Beach parking lot.

Under the direction of the Audubon and the Town of Chatham, we restarted dredging on Wednesday discharging in this area to create habitat for the Piping Plovers.

Friday’s gale cut short the work for the week sending the Sand Shifter back into the harbor through the weekend.

Feeder Beach near Cockle Cove

The ‘feeder’ beach to the west of Cockle Cove Beach where approximately 15,000 CY was dredged from the Stage Harbor Channel

Drone shot of Stage Harbor Channel with Sand Shifter

A great picture taken from a drone showing the location of the Sand Shifter and the progress being made as she dredges her way out of the channel.

Above photos courtesy of Spencer Kennard & Ted Keon, Town of Chatham.

Cod Fish I & Cod Fish II – Enroute to Popponesset Bay

The Cod Fish I & the Cod Fish II continued the transit from Little Bay, Bourne & Falmouth Harbor, Falmouth to Popponesset Bay. The Cod Fish I (now in use as our second Booster Station), was left in Little Bay, Bourne after we finished that project in January and is now needed for the Poppy Channel project.

The Pushboat JW Doane ‘steamed’ from Falmouth to Bourne last week and brought her to Falmouth Harbor. On Saturday both the Cod Fish I & II were towed to Poppy.

Cod FIsh I and Cod FIsh II in Falmouth Harbor

Cod Fish I and II docked in Falmouth Harbor

Cod Fish I and Cod Fish II in Poppy

Cod Fish I and II in Popponesset Bay