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The Dredge Report | Week of February 7, 2021

Sand Shifter – Stage Harbor, Chatham

The Sand Shifter started dredging the Stage Harbor channel on Saturday!

Most of the week was spent in mobilizing the pipe, bringing the dredge on station in the channel, and getting the pipe connected to the Booster Station.

Dredging actually started on Wednesday, but the Booster Pump wasn’t working properly and adjustments had to be made to the newly rebuilt pump.

Weather, wind speed, waves and air temperatures below 32 degrees, will be a factor as we work through this most important project over the next two – three weeks.

Some great photos were taken by Steve Heaslip of the Cape Cod Times of the operation. This link may require a subscription.

Stage Harbor Dredge (

Some photos from the week are posted below.

Sand Shifter on station

Sand Shifter on station in Stage Harbor


Sand Shifter & Pipe


Sand Shifter & Dredging Pipe


Pipe on beach

Dredging pipe running along Harding’s Beach


Discharge area

Discharge area near Cockle Cove beach, pumping underway


Discharge area

Discharge area near Cockle Cove beach, panoramic view


Booster Station

Booster Station, engine and pump


Stage Harbor

Project layout – Stage Harbor, Chatham