image of barnstable county courthouse

Does Barnstable County Keep a Waitlist for People Seeking COVID-19 Appointments?

The County is receiving requests to be added to a waitlist for the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no general waitlist, but there’s a mechanism in the registration system to schedule overflow if someone cancels. This prevents vaccine being wasted.

If you register for our clinic and see an option to join a waitlist, please understand that the PrepMod vaccine registration system does process an overflow of registrants in case of a cancellation. This administrative feature is a safety mechanism; if someone were to cancel, PrepMod draws from that overflow. The process is random and based on clinic volume. It was put in place to avoid the wasting of doses that have already been allocated for a given clinic, and cannot be used at a later date.

The County does not, under any circumstances, add names to the waitlist. Further, the names on the list are not stored or transferred to a future clinic. If your name ends up on this administrative list, and a space in the clinic opens, you will receive an email notifying you that you are registered. If you do not receive an email, the clinic is full and you should try to register for a different clinic.

We hope that helps to clarify this common question.