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Dredge Report | Week of January 3, 2021

Sand Shifter 

The Sand Shifter was back dredging on Thursday after a few days of being out of action after a ‘wear liner’ was damaged and needed to be replaced (see pictures below). The repair required the Sand Shifter to be brought alongside the dock in the Pocasset River, removal of the top deck of the engine room/dredge pump section, along with the dredge pumps main housing, where the ‘wear liner’s is located (not a simple task). A crane had to be brought in over two days to remove the damaged ‘wear liner’ and install the new one. Fortunately, a replacement ‘wear liner’ was on hand which reduced the time that the Sand Shifter was out of service. 

Sand Shifter back on station dredging in Little Bay alongside Toby’s Island.

Wear Liner

Wear Liner Showing Damaged Section

The ‘Wear Liner’ is at the receiving end of the dredged material and protects the large impeller that creates the ‘suction’ moving the material through the pipe onboard the dredge.

As the part is named, the ‘Wear Liner’ is designed to wear away and its life expectancy is related to the volumes & hours dredged, along with the type of material dredged. The Little Bay project had several areas of rocks of various sizes which do their part in hastening the damage to the ‘wear liner’.

Typically, rocks smaller than 7” pass through and make their way to the dewatering basin.

Wear liner showing damaged section.

Sand Shifter back on station dredging in Little Bay alongside Toby’s Island

We are nearing the end of this project and hope to be completed by mid-week.

Link below does a great job in explaining how some of this sand will be used for beach nourishment in Sandwich.

Sandwich Seeks Bids To Transport Bourne Sand To Town Neck | Regional News |

Cod Fish II

The Cod Fish II is still in Provincetown Harbor along with pipe awaiting a couple of calm days to make the trip to Sesuit. Hoping that this week brings better weather.