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The Dredge Report | Week of December 27, 2020

Sand Shifter

The Sand Shifter continued dredging operations in Little Bay, Bourne. The Sand Shifter has made great progress in dredging the ‘Maintenance’ section of this project. As noted in the Pre-Dredge survey graphic below, we are now dredging in the last leg of the channel.

Approximate location of the Sand Shifter in the Little Bay channel.

After a couple of days of dredging last week, the Sand Shifter ran into two problems that caused a few hours of delays, but on Thursday afternoon the Sand Shifter experienced a breakdown that required us to bring her alongside the dock to remove/replace the Wear Liner (a part that is designed to protect the dredge pump / impeller). With an estimated 5 days left of dredging, this will hopefully be a minor setback and we’ll be back dredging within a few days.

Rocks dredged from the Little Bay Channel that had to be removed prior to passing through the pipe discharge.
Aerial view of the Dewatering Basin, Monument Beach
Leverman Chris Armstrong onboard the Sand Shifter
Sand Shifter dredging
Cutterhead being lowered to continue dredging
Pulley housing cut in half after cable ‘jumped’ from the pulley

Cod Fish II

The Cod Fish II is still in Provincetown Harbor awaiting a break in the wind/seas to move her from Provincetown to Sesuit Harbor, Dennis for the next project.

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