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The Dredge Report | Week of December 13, 2020

Sand Shifter

Dredging operations began in Bourne on the Little Bay project. As mentioned last week, there are two sections of this project. The first section in the ‘Improvement’ area of the channel has never been dredged and this where we started. After a day and a half of dredging in this area, it proved to be too rocky (rocks as large as bowling balls) and the risk of damaging the ‘cutterhead’ became too high so we had to move to the main section. This second section, referred to as the Maintenance’ area was last dredged in 1968.

The Nor’easter that blew through on Wednesday forced us to suspended operations but dredging was resumed on Thursday and continued through the weekend.

The dredged material from this project will be used for beach nourishment purposes in Bourne and in Sandwich.

The following pictures show some of the dredge operations:

Sand Shifter dredging in the ‘Maintenance’ channel in Little Bay, with Toby’s Island in the background.


Pipe from dredge going into the dewatering basin.


Sand being piled in the dewatering basin.


Sand being loaded to transfer to lot nearby.


Sand that was moved from the dewatering basin.


Support boat Commander


Sand Shifter, through the railroad bridge underpass


Cod Fish II

 The Cod Fish II was moved to Provincetown on Monday from Pamet Harbor and the pipe needed was towed to Provincetown on Saturday. Dredging is planned to begin on Monday.