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Massachusetts Rolls Back to Phase 3, Step 1, Effective December 13, 2020

The measures outlined below with go into effect at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, December 13. The entire Commonwealth will move to Phase 3, Step 1 of the Reopening Plan. In addition, the following updates to capacity limits will go into effect:

· Outdoor gatherings at event venues and public spaces to 50 people · Outdoor Theaters and Performance Venues to 25% and no more than 50 people · Close Indoor Theaters and Performance Venues and a few smaller indoor recreation businesses like roller rinks and trampoline parks

· Reduce capacity from 50% to 40% for several industry sectors noted below:

· Arcades/Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Businesses · Driving and Flight Schools · Gyms/Health Clubs · Libraries · Museums · Retail · Offices · Places of Worship · Lodging (common areas) · Golf · Movie theaters (no more than 50 people per theater) Restaurants and Event Venues Protocols Updates The following updates will be made to restaurant and event venue protocols with regard to face coverings, seating, and performances

· Wear masks at all times except when eating and drinking · Seat no more than six per table and encourage customers to only dine with same household · Put a 90-minute time limit on tables · Prohibit all musical performances at restaurants · Close food court seating Workplaces and Fitness Centers Protocols Updates The following updates will be made to the Office Spaces and Fitness Centers protocols with regard to face coverings

· Require mask wearing in offices when not in your own workspace and alone · Require mask wearing at all times in gyms · Encourage teleworking All updates to sector specific guidance can be found on later this week.