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The Dredge Report – Week of October 25, 2020

As mentioned in last weeks report, the crew worked all of this past week on finishing up the Dead Neck/Sampson’s Island project and we are glad to report that the work was completed on Saturday!

Our schedule had us completing this project at the end of this week so we finished one week  ahead of schedule. Congratulations to the entire Dredge Team for a job well done!

Part of this week will be spent breaking down the pipe, offloading equipment and getting ready to move the Sand Shifter to Parker River/Yarmouth for the first of several projects for the town of Yarmouth.

Along with the Dead Neck/Sampson’s Island project, we also completed a small project at the Entrance Channel to Falmouth Inner Harbor with the Cod Fish II. This was actually a ‘clean-up’ of a dredge project that was started last spring but wasn’t completed due to a mechanical breakdown.

Fast work was made of this job with a day of setup and a day of dredging.


Cod Fish II Dredging Falmouth Inner Harbor
Cod Fish II Dredging Falmouth Inner Harbor


Once we get a break in the wind, the Cod Fish II will transit to Truro via the Cape Cod Canal to start the Pamet Harbor Inlet & Approach Channel project.