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Dredge Project Updates | Week of October 11, 2020

The work continues as the dredge crew worked on Columbus Day and throughout the week.

A few windy days, a minor hydraulic hose that had to be repaired and all in all it was a very good week of dredge operations.

The Cod Fish II was moved to Falmouth on Wednesday in preparation for the Inner Harbor project which will begin as soon as the pipe needed to move the sand from the dredge location to the discharge location is brought on-site.

As mentioned in last weeks update, the ‘end game’ of all of the dredging is what happens at the end of the pipe.

The picture to follow shows the sand that is being dredged from the west end of the island that is pumped along the 9000 feet of pipe via two Booster Stations being dumped in a ‘dewatering pit’ and the sand is then moved on the island to spots known as ‘nourishment sites’. Note the bulldozer in the background grading the sand to predetermined grades.