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Dredge Project Updates | Week of October 4, 2020

Dredging operations continued in the Dead Neck/Sampsons Island project in Nantucket Sound in what was another windy week.

The first days two days were spent moving pipe from the south side of the island to the north side, inside of the Seapuit River.

As noted last week, we moved our barge from Fairhaven to Sampsons Island as it was required for Phase 2 of this project. Pipe had to be run from the dredge location to the eastern end of the island, a distance of approximately 9,000 feet or 1.7 miles!

To pump this long distance requires a Booster Station, which is a self-contained engine and pump that is positioned halfway between the Dredge boat and the discharge end. It does exactly what its called, it ‘boosts’ the sand and water through the pipe.

Sand Shifter dredging

Once the pipe was moved and barge with the Booster Station were moved into position and the pipe was connected, dredging resumed on Wednesday through Saturday.

The dredge team, lead by dredge Superintendent Jason Bevis successfully converted the Cod Fish I (our original dredge boat) into a Booster Station giving us pumping capacity was put into service this week.

Cod Fish I now converted into a Booster – showing the pipe coming in one end.
Cod Fish I converted to Booster, showing the discharge pipe coming out the other end.

The week ahead will having us continue dredge operations in Dead Neck/Sampsons Island with the Sand Shifter and the movement of the Cod Fish II to Falmouth to begin setup for dredge operations in Falmouth Inner Harbor.