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Barnstable County Offers On-Site Training to Fire Departments Across Cape Cod Using Mobile Simulators

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Barnstable County Offers On-Site Training to Fire Departments Across Cape Cod Using Mobile Simulators

Barnstable County – August 12, 2020 – Cape Cod Center for Public Safety (CCCPST), the newest department at Barnstable County that combines the former Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy and the County-supported Cape Cod Municipal Police Training Academy, received delivery of a new Mobile Maritime Fire Training Unit this week.

The 53-foot trailer with a burn room is designed to simulate both maritime and residential fires. The unit has a reconfigurable maze to challenge firefighters during their training, a roof prop to simulate ventilation techniques, and a bailout window to practice firefighter evacuation.

The Mobile Maritime Fire Training Unit will be moved around the Cape to area fire departments to increase access to critical training programs. Training budgets in local departments are thin and make department-wide training programs such as this difficult to run. By delivering this fire training prop to a local station, Cape departments will offer training to firefighters during their shift, drastically reducing the cost of delivery by eliminating associated backfill and overtime costs.

Barnstable County Administrator Jack Yunits, Jr. said, “We are determined to continue to provide first responders on the Cape with opportunities to take full advantage of hands-on fire training experience. Offering the use of mobile training units means that County-run fire training can continue on Cape Cod despite the closure of the Barnstable County Fire Training Academy grounds.”

At a total of $370K, the unit was paid for with a 300K grant from the Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council, and $70K through Barnstable County.

Earlier this year, Barnstable County purchased its first mobile training tool used to prepare firefighters in several types of forcible entry, such as hinge-pulling and cutting, entering thru-the-lock, window cutting, and simulating these events in challenging situations. At a cost of 20K, it was funded as part of a line item to the Barnstable County Fire Chiefs’ Association in the state budget, supported by the Cape’s legislative delegation and spearheaded by Senator Cyr’s office.  The Orleans Fire Department was the first fire department to hold that training back in the beginning of March.


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Sonja Sheasley, Communications Manager