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HHW Collected Over 52 Lbs of Mercury in 2019

Household Hazardous Waste 2019 Season collected over 52 lbs of mercury/Hg in 2019.

Do you have mercury products in your home, such as: blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, thermostats, or elemental/liquid mercury? #FreeProgram

Are you a business that collects mercury products, such as switches or thermostats?

Call to find out about free collection programs: 800-319-2783 or visit Love Your Local Water It’s a Cape Cod Thing.

Did you know? Barnstable County has a strong commitment to water quality and this commitment is expressed through programs such as the household hazardous waste collection and difficult-to-manage waste programs. Marine & Road Flare collection, Sharps collection, Mercury collection, Unwanted Medication information, Small Business Hazardous Waste Collections are examples of program offerings.