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Barnstable County’s Coastal Processes Specialist Greg Berman to participate at the next Clean Water Wednesday

Sea level Rise… Do you know how it’s affecting the Cape? Are you prepared? Here’s your chance to chat with Cape Cod’s expert on sea level rise, Woods Hole Sea Grant and Barnstable County Coastal Processes Specialist Greg Berman.

Cape Cod Beer has teamed up with Barnstable Clean Water Coalition to create Clean Water Wednesdays, an educational series that will be held at Cape Cod Beer. Join the experts as we deep dive into topics that are affecting both our water locally and  globally.

Attend the next Clean Water Wednesday, November 13th to hear a presentation on Sea Level Rise. Greg Berman and Mark Borrelli will talk about why Cape Codders should be thinking about the impact of Sea-Level Rise.

Greg Berman:
Local Sea Level Rise: History, Projections, & Impacts

Rising seas have played a huge role in the creation and shaping of the Cape Cod shoreline over many millennia. This session will cover historic shoreline changes due to glacial activity, as well as down-scaled projections of sea level rise for our area. Damage from recent storms will be shown in the context of increasing water levels and visualizations of future impacts to the town of Barnstable will be presented.

Gregory A. Berman, PG, GISP is a coastal processes specialist for Woods Hole Sea Grant (WHSG) and the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension (CCCE) where he provides technical assistance on coastal geology topics: shoreline change, erosion control alternatives, potential effects of various human activities on coastal landforms, coastal flood plains, coastal hazards, hazard mitigation analyses, and dune restoration techniques.

Mark Borrelli:
The Science behind Sea Level Rise: Natural Variability and Human-Induced Change

A brief, science-based introduction about what we know regarding sea level rise. Placing the natural variability of climate change and sea level rise in context within geological and human time scales. This presentation will cover seminal discoveries, recent projections and ongoing work.

Dr. Mark Borrelli is a Coastal Geologist. He is the Director of the Coastal Processes and Ecosystems Laboratory, or CAPE Lab, a joint research effort between the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown and the University of Massachusetts at Boston. His research interests include coastal sedimentary processes, in general, and understanding how storms, sea level rise and human impacts affect the coast, in particular.

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