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Children’s Cove awards Bobbi Moritz with the Above and Beyond for Children Award

Every year at the Champions for Children Conference, Children’s Cove awards a deserving individual or agency with the Above and Beyond for Children Award. This award is presented to those who show dedication and commitment to protect children on the Cape and Islands.

Bobbi Moritz, Barnstable County Resource Development Officer receives the Above and Beyond for Children Award from Children’s Cove

This year’s recipient, Bobbi Moritz, from the Barnstable County Resource Development Office, demonstrates that persistence and commitment to the mission of Children’s Cove which have led to remarkable results.

As a Resource Development Officer for Barnstable County, Bobbi’s dedication to her work in attaining and managing Children’s Cove grants and her compassion and devotion to protecting children in her community outside of work, is confirmation that Bobbi is the perfect choice for this year’s award. With Bobbi’s assistance and persistence, Children’s Cove was awarded its first federal funding that benefits the mission, goals, objectives and long-term sustainability plan for our agency. Her attention to detail and knowledge of grant management, which is a daunting task, is unrivaled and truly valued. And Bobbi always brings her cheerful demeanor, positive attitude and token statement, “this is going to be FUN,” with every task.

Bobbi is an avid volunteer for community organizations that support the arts, cultural diversity, and justice for youth. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Zion Union Heritage Museum and Big Brothers/Big Sisters and has been a Board Member of the Cape Cod Justice for Youth Collaborative. She is on the Mission Committee for her church and is a Sunday School teacher for children in grades 1-5.

We thank you, Bobbi, for your unwavering commitment to protect children, your time and energy as a mentor in this community and your always positive character, even when working with often difficult content. We are truly happy to honor you with the 2019 Above and Beyond for Children Award.