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Wishing Judy Vollmer a Happy Retirement!

As Judy Vollmer prepares for retirement this month, we wanted to reflect on her work over the last 44 years of her time at the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension. Throughout those years Judy has made significant contributions to the Extension office. She began her career working with youth, specifically through the Marine Science and Coastal Explorer Program. Her responsibilities grew into the position of Extension Educator for Youth Development, specifically the 4-H program. Her talent extended into all areas of the Extension office: marine, nutrition, agriculture & horticulture. Her love for 4-H has reached all areas of the Cape from Plymouth to Provincetown! Her passion for this program and desire for children to expand and enhance their skills is an integral part of who Judy is.


[su_quote]Judy has truly lived the 4-H pledge: My head to clearer thinking, My Heart to greater loyalty, My Hands to larger service and My Health to better living for my club, my community, my country, and my world.[/su_quote]


During her years as the 4-H Extension Educator, she coordinated numerous events that were critical to the program. These included 4-H Visual Presentations for both the County and State, Horse Bowl competitions for both the County and State, 4-H participation in both the Barnstable County Fair and the Harvest Festival held at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds. Judy organized community service projects for the 4-H Youth each year; she organized community food drives, toy drives, the Bucket Brigade, and more, to benefit local charities. Judy also organized an annual “Walk for Healthy Kids” to promote good health and nutrition among the 4-H youth. She also partnered with area libraries offering after-school programs and 4-H babysitting courses, keeping Barnstable County youth engaged in activities. Judy has served on numerous committees and boards associated with the 4-H name. She is an active member of the 4-H Advisory Board, participates in 4-H at the State level and is also serving as a trustee of the Massachusetts 4-H Foundation. She proudly supports 4-H clubs for the military youth on Joint Base Cape Cod. She has been instrumental in recruiting and maintaining a large group of volunteers to whom she relies on to maintain the integrity of the program. “Many Hands Make Light Work” as she would often say. The volunteers help in all aspects of the 4-H program, from being a club leader to judging at the many 4-H sponsored events. Every year she holds a recognition ceremony to honor those who support this valuable program. Both youth and adult volunteers are acknowledged for their accomplishments and contributions.

Judy has been an incredible asset to the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and will undoubtedly be missed upon her retirement. We wish Judy much happiness!