image of barnstable county courthouse

A New Policies and Procedures Handbook for Barnstable County Employees


Human Resources Director Justyna Marczak displays the new and improved Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Barnstable County Commissioners recently adopted the amended Policies and Procedures Handbook for all County employees, effective as of August 1, 2018.

The Policies and Procedures Handbook was revised to accommodate changes in the organization since its last publication over 13 years ago. The document received a significant face-lift, was cleaned up to reflect the most current information, and contains updated language regarding all applicable laws about employment, making it clear and easy to interpret.

A committee was appointed by a County Administrator in 2015 to review and update the policy. The committee was comprised of Human Resources Director Justyna Marczak, Payroll and Benefits Coordinator Nancy Cushing, Fiscal Manager Gail Coyne, Assembly Clerk Janice O’Connell, George Heufelder (prior Director of the Department of Health and Environment), Maggie Downey (Cape Light Compact Administrator) and William Cole (director of Human Resources for the Town of Barnstable). The full document with all appendices is available here.