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For Immediate Release: What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Marijuana Use

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What Parents Need to Know About Teens and Marijuana Use


March 1, 2018 – Barnstable County Department of Human Services recently released its sixth publication in a series of issue briefs related to substance use. “Marijuana Use and Parenting: What You Need to Know” provides parents with essential information on how to effectively guide teens and young adults on the topic of marijuana use in a time when it’s both prevalent and legal for adults.


Key topics covered:


  • The increased potency of present-day marijuana;
  • Importance of youth abstinence and/or delay in use to avert damage to developing brains;
  • Evidence suggesting the increase in likelihood of addiction in adulthood when marijuana is consumed during adolescence;
  • Evidence-based information that considers the high-level influence parents have on a teen’s decision to use marijuana;
  • Guidance on when and how to effectively interact with teens and young adults who are using marijuana;
  • Best practices for parents who are legally using marijuana in the home.


“This is a very confusing time for parents in an age of legal marijuana use. It’s important that we give parents the information and tools they need to reduce the risks to teens and young adults when their brains are still developing,” said Beth Albert, Director at the Barnstable County Department of Human Services and co-chair of the Regional Substance Abuse Council.


The issue brief, along with data and resources for substance use prevention, is available on the Barnstable County Department of Human Services Regional Substance Abuse Publications and Data webpage.


If you are concerned about yourself or someone else facing addiction, please call the Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information and Education Helpline at 1-800-327-5050 or visit




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