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For Immediate Release: Public Meeting: What do you think would improve Eastham’s streets for bicyclists and pedestrians?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 21, 2018

Media Contact:
Lev Malakhoff, Senior Traffic Engineer

Eastham Complete Streets

WHEN: 4 p.m., February 28, 2018
WHERE: Eastham Public Library, 190 Samoset Road, Eastham, MA 02642

What do you think would improve Eastham’s streets for bicyclists and pedestrians?

The Town of Eastham and the Cape Cod Commission want to hear your thoughts. Join us for a public meeting to help us understand the issues and opportunities in your town. Based on the information from this meeting, improvements in Eastham will be listed in a Prioritization Plan that will help your town gain access to state and federal funding.

Q: What is a “Complete Street”?
A: A Complete Street provides accommodations for all users – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and persons with disabilities – making streets safer, sustainable, and more accessible to a wide variety of people.

Principles for designing Complete Streets:
• Safety. Design streets with safety of all users as a priority, with the goal of reducing injuries and fatalities
• Connectivity. Provide connectivity that satisfies travel needs with alternate routes and links to other modes of transportation
• Human Health. Increase opportunities for active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.) and to decrease air pollution.
• Livability. Support a built environment that enhances the quality of life.
• Context. Respect and enhance the distinctive identity of communities, preserving scenic and historic resources and other unique characteristics.
• Equity. Provide for the needs and safety of all users, particularly people with disabilities, the elderly, children, and those who cannot afford a private vehicle.
• Aesthetics. Attention to aesthetic character, including materials, lighting, landscaping, street furniture and maintenance.
• Economic Development. Provide multiple transportation options and easy access to village centers and commercial areas.
• Environment. Effective stormwater management to protect the Cape’s fresh and salt water resources.
For more information, download the Commission’s Complete Streets Design Manual,


Cape Cod Commission is the regional land use planning, economic development, and regulatory agency for Barnstable County, Massachusetts. It was created in 1990 to serve the citizens and 15 towns that comprise Cape Cod. The Commission works toward maintaining a healthy balance between economic progress and environmental vitality. “Keeping a special place special” describes the agency’s mission to protect the region’s unique qualities. The 19-member volunteer Cape Cod Commission board represents a wide spectrum of the community and provides oversight for a staff of 40 professionals. For more information, visit: