image of barnstable county courthouse

Resource Development Officers Reach Out to Cape Towns

Resource Development Office

Housed in the old Sheriff’s building at the Barnstable County complex, the team of four Resource Development Officers are continually keeping tabs on available grants from state and federal sources for Barnstable County’s departments. Depending on a department’s need, they develop, write, offer technical assistance and manage grants.

Outreach to Towns

RDO Officers stopped in to the Cape’s 15 towns last week to offer services.

Last Friday, Resource Development Officers hit the road and visited Town offices across Barnstable County in order to remind municipalities that the Resource Development Office is also available to the Cape’s 15 towns to assist with grant research, development and writing.

RDO Officer Quan Tobey said, “This was a great opportunity for the County and Resource Development Office to interface and develop relationships with the municipalities it serves on Cape Cod, sharing our experiences and technical assistance to maximize the resources needed to address the unique challenges of Cape Cod government.”

For further information about their services, please call RDO at 508-375-6869 or email

Visit the Resource Development website.