image of barnstable county courthouse

Public Health and Wellness Service Directory Launched

Barnstable County Department of Human Services announces a newly revised and updated local Service Directory containing service providers and organizations serving the health and human service needs of Barnstable County.  The Public Health and Wellness site’s comprehensive database provides search tools to access local resources on aging, disability, mental health, substance use, housing, and many public health and human service areas.

As the companion to the Department’s Behavioral Health web platform, the Public Health and Wellness site is a powerful web-based platform that converts analysis of all health data into customized community health indicators.  The tool is especially valuable for assessment and community health planning.  The site also provides data and information about community services, laws, and related news.

Key features of the website include: easy access to vital health information to individuals and families; local, state, and national health data; integrated sets of data, public health model practices and CDC Interventions with each health indicator; and the latest developments via the online learning centers, library, and advocacy tools.