CONCH Cape Cod

Be Better Prepared for Emergencies on Cape Cod
Are you ready for emergencies that might impact your life: hurricanes, blizzards, coastal flooding, power outages, no drinking water, spoiled food, no shelter?
Come to CONCH Cape Cod’s March 10th meeting at the Harwich Community Center where the Barnstable County Regional Emergency Management Committee will give you the information you need to help you be better prepared for emergencies on Cape Cod
Here’s what you’ll learn:
·       What specific items you must have to effectively “shelter in place” during warm and cold weather natural disasters such as hurricanes and blizzards. 
·       What you need in your emergency kit 
·       What to do with your pets 
·       How to prepare a comprehensive emergency plan for you and your family 
·       How to stay informed during a disaster or emergency 
·       How to volunteer to assist with disaster relief work and deliver critical services
Harwich Community Center
100 Oak Street, Harwich
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