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Latest Stats for Tick-borne Illnesses

I did an informal basic line report to do a little comparison between the number of Babesiosis cases,  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever cases, and Lyme disease cases from last year to this year. The time frame is 6/1 – 8/17. I included cases that were confirmed, suspect, and probable. And remember, these were only the ones that were reported. The numbers are only from the towns on the Cape, not including the islands. So, in 2011 there were 49 Babesiosis cases, 1 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever case, and 258 Lyme disease cases. In 2012, for the same time frame, there are 52 Babesiosis cases, 5 Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever cases, and 304 Lyme disease cases. That is an increase of 3 cases for Babesiosis, 4 cases for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and 46 cases of Lyme Disease.