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MA Department of Public Health Suicide Prevention Program presents:

Lonely at the Top: Why Men Are the Lonely Sex Presented by: Thomas Joiner, Ph.D., Author of Why People Die by Suicide, Myths About Suicide, and Lonely at the Top, Director, Military Suicide Research Consortium

Date: Tuesday, May 22
Place: Sheraton Needham Hotel
100 Cabot Street, Needham, Massachusetts 02494

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Why are men both coddled and brittle?  This talk first documents that men are indeed both coddled and brittle (and brittle in numerous and surprising ways), and then resolves the paradox with one answer: Loneliness.  If ending up lonely were a race, it starts out as a fair one, with males and females evenly matched, more or less. But men go on to “win” the loneliness race; to the victor go the spoils of alcohol problems, depression, divorce, and even death. “Oh lonely death on lonely life.” There is sound evidence that these words, uttered by Melville’s Captain Ahab in Moby-Dick, capture a particularly male sentiment.

Why and how do men become lonely with age? How does success conspire with this process to leave older men especially lonely? What are the consequences of accelerating male loneliness? What are feasible solutions? This presentation provides viable answers to each of these questions.